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I believe the best thing ever is to see how happy he makes little kids…no matter if he has never seen them in his life he takes so much time to make them laugh and enjoy life…it is so precious to me to think that someday he will be the same way with my children…playing and laughing and just enjoying life to the fullest



Eren Jaeger and Armin Arlet are to stay no less than fifty meters from each other at all times until they can learn to resist the apparently strong urge to break out into renditions of “Don’t Drop That Durka Durk.”

Further-damn-more, if any of you other brats decide that doing so is prudent, I’m going to punt your ass halfway to Sina.

Got it?” 



The way he/she stares into your eyes.

The way he/she caresses your face when his lips barely touches yours.

The way he/she holds you when tears fill your despaired eyes.

The way he/she stills thinks your gorgeous even though you think you look horrible.

The way he/she says things that make you giggle.

The way he/she takes you up and spins you in his arms until you are dizzy.

The way he/she says it…

even when you have done nothing to deserve the words…

the way he/she says I love you…


in your ear.

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